Search API elevated errors
Incident Report for E-Com Plus
Yesterday we experienced elevated errors and some time of major outage on Search API, then we've performed an emergency maintenance of search cluster to improve performance and availability.
Maintenance was already scheduled, but we had to perform it with urgency.
There were a major outage of Search API from 23:10 to 00:05 (Brasilia time UTC-3), some shards were retrieved earlier and in this case the search for some stores was also reset earlier.

THE MAINTENANCE WAS FINISHED AND THE CLUSTER INCREASED, but we are still following up and we apologize for the problems we were unable to avoid.

NOTE: Search API outages can disrupts the browsing experience and some integrations, but doesn't makes your shopfront offline and does not interfere with the checkout.
Posted Jan 18, 2022 - 23:30 GMT-03:00